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The Help

1.On the login page, enter the email address and password and confirm your knowledge of the rules.
If you already have an account and you forgot your password click “forgot password” The system will send a new password to the specified email


2.To create a gallery you must be a system user. You have to be logged IN.

3.By introducing a new version of the World Graveyard software we have tried to move all the pictures introduced to the system in previous years. Please check them and any corrections, add descriptions, select ‘Distinctive image’ and possibly English version.
Please also check the gallery name. For easier navigation, it would be good to call galleries
“Cemetery Name, City, State”.


4.To add a new gallery click on the administrator menu in the menu entries. Click “Add new entry” and fill in the field – this will be the name of the new Gallery.


5.Then enter the description.


6.To select a gallery description in English click on the English flag. Once you have entered your photo gallery description, click “publish”


7.We produce photo galleries. We change the post formatting to “Gallery”


8.In the “categories” panel select either ‘existing’ or ‘add new’. The categories you specify and the city where the cemetery is located.


9.Book “Add photos” to the gallery click “Choose files”


10.Distinctive picture – first photo in the Gallery. On the Picture tab, select the photo that will appear first, and will be: the flagship photo of the Gallery



11.Selected files or individual images will be saved in the “Media Library”. Now add photos to Gallery by selecting them from the library. Select by “Select” Pictures can be titled and add a description. Descriptions will appear in the Gallery. Images can be sorted by “grab and drop”.


12.This is worth saving the data entered in the “Publish” panel You can also do just sketch o????? and publish after the completion of data and photos to the Gallery.
Thanks to this the system will remember the Gallery that you are creating. Exiting the gallery without saving it causes data to be lost. Publish should also be used when you have finished entering photos and locations on the map.


13.Scroll down the page and search for “coordinates”
On the map we find the location of the cemetery and by double-clicking we mark the point. A new cemetery will appear on the map.


14.We go back to the site and to the right in the “Publish” section we click on ‘publish’, we can also save the gallery as a sketch and publish it on another date.

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