Cmentarze Świata


As per the Hindu religion, the body is made out of five natural
elements (Water, Air, Earth, Fire, Ether).
When a human being completes his/her journey on the earth,
he/she has to leave their physical body behind.
In Hindu religion the body is cremated with the help of the Family
Hindu priest with various mantras, flowers, coconut & prayers etc.
This is how the body (after it is cremated ) merges back with the
five natural elements it was made out of.
Once the human being leaves its physical body,
the soul which is eternal returns back to our Almighty Lord
Krishna (Lord Narayana).
After the cremation, the Family Hindu priest along with the family
members of the departed soul observe the religious prayers & rites
for the departed soul for 12 days at the departed persons
residence. The family members have to lead a celebate life for
these 12 days.
From the cremation date onwards the family members have to feed
the very first meal to a female cow for a period of first 10 days as
an offering to the departed soul & only after the cow finishes
eating the meal, can the family members eat their first meal.
For the 12 days of the prayers for the departed soul, everyone is
supposed to wear pure snow white clothes as sign of respect . After
the 12 days period is over the family members take the ashes of the
departed soul & merge them in the holy Ganges river which is
again a beautifull ceremony with a final emotional goodbye.
This is a very general & short explanation about the cremation in
Hindu religion. Om Bhagvate Vasudevaya.

Author of the article Deen