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The asylum of Polish cemeteries

We are a member of the Polish Funeral Association which brings together administrators of the largest cemeteries and crematoria as well as owners and directors of large funeral enterprises in Poland. He permanently cooperates with public administration bodies, local governments, entrepreneurs, clergy, insurance agents, as well as producers of cemetery equipment and funeral accessories.

The association deals with all aspects of the functioning of cemeteries and funeral companies, from ethical and legal issues, through problems of technology, technology and architecture, to embalming, ceremonial, thanatopsychology and cremation. It organizes conferences and trainings for cemetery managers and funeral directors, devoted to, among others: cremation as a funeral rite; construction work at the graves; contemporary embalming (thanatopraxia) issues; problems of privatization of municipal companies in the sector; cemetery and funeral law; new forms of cemetery architecture. He gives opinions on draft laws and regulations (e.g. for the Ministry of Interior and Administration, a draft amendment to the ordinance on the manner of keeping records of graves; and for the former Ministry of Infrastructure, a draft ordinance on the location of graves outside cemeteries), also prepares expert opinions for local authorities regarding the situation on the funeral services market, cremation, cemetery.

More information about the organization can be obtained by clicking on the PFA icon