World Cemeteries

Rules of Cemeteries of The World
§ 1
Cemeteries of The World is a place where information and pictures are stored of real cemeteries.
§ 2
Information and photos are stored in electronic form.
§ 3
Storing information and photos is a free service.
§ 4

User – a person logged into the admin panel
§ 5
The user is able to add information and photos after logging in to the administrative panel.
§ 6
Due of the copyright to the pictures and text user, who wants to enter data into the database Cemeteries of The World must log on to the site and enter your personal information.
§ 7
You agree that personal data are kept in electronic form.
§ 8
Personal information is not shared.
§ 9
User has the right to enter the database information and pictures of cemeteries. It can be changed or removed from the database.
§ 10
Removing causes irreversible effects.
§ 11
User entering information and photos certifies that he has a right to them and they are not a copy or imitation.
§ 12
User consents to the publication of the photos and descriptions entered by the acceptance of the Rules of Cemeteries of The World.
§ 13
Administration of Cemeteries of The World may express consent to copy photos and descriptions for non commercial use.
§ 14
Copying pictures and descriptions for commercial purposes can be done only with the permission of the author ( user).
§ 15
The user uses the username and password that will modify data in the service Cemeteries World.
§ 16
Responsibility for the description and image selection is entirely by the user.
§ 17
Administration of The Cemeteries of The World reserves the right to remove part or all of the data (pictures and descriptions) entered into the database, if they contain content offensive, contrary to morality or inconsistent with applicable law ( for example the introduction of the personal data of others, the publication of the image of other people living ) or they are not thematically related to the architecture and history of the cemeteries.
§ 18
The data service of The Cemeteries of The World can be removed by the person who made it or administrator of the service in situations referred to in section 18 or there is reasonable suspicion that user is not the author or owner or has no right to publish pictures or descriptions.
§ 19
Regulations in force for an indefinite period.

Warsaw/Poland 2017