World Cemeteries

Merry Cemetery, Romania

For most of us, death is associated with darkness and the whole unknown. When visiting the final resting places of our ancestors, we try to leave them as soon as possible. We are scared by gloomy graves, iron fences, crooked crosses from time to time, paints faded in the sun. This Cemetery is the complete opposite of our imagination. Folk masterpieces on the hill. The Merry Cemetery is one of the most famous cemeteries in terms of originality all over the world. Located at about 300 m above sea level, around the church in the Romanian town of Sapânța, in the Maramures County district in the northern part of Romania, approx. 2 km from the border with Ukraine. It"s known for its abundant, multi-colored tombstones with original drawings in the style of atypical art and poetic texts illustrating people buried in the cemetery and episodes of their lives. The cemetery has become an open-air museum and a national tourist center. The author (roman. Stan Ioan Pătraş), a local sculptor, made the first cross almost improvically and cut the first epitaph around 1935. Today, the inscription on his tombstone reads: "Throughout my life I did not hurt anyone ..."